Boomers invited to summer camp Retreat

A local organization is offering baby boomers a chance to remember their carefree days at camp this summer.

The YMCA Adventure—Retreat Weekend is a partnership between YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga and Boomers Together. Campers 40 and up are invited participate in an all-inclusive weekend of fun at Lake Ocoee and the Cherokee National Forest.

The camp will take place Aug. 19–21. Registration is $275 through Aug. 5. Click here for more information.

The weekend will include traditional summer camp activities such as archery, canoeing, swimming, hiking and scary stories around campfires. Campers will also have a chance to collect “big kid” merit badges for various activities.

But guests can expect a bit more luxury: healthy meals, wine and cheese tastings, and comfortable lodging at Wasson Lodge. 

“It’s more like glamping for boomers,” said Joy Krause, founder of Boomers Together. “We want you to remember your carefree days at summer camp—jumping off the dock, s’mores over the campfire, all those things we associated with fun as a kid. We’re going to replicate that experience.”

This retreat also serves as a public launch for Boomers Together. She completed an accelerator during the spring at The Company Lab to create the company and later partnered with the local YMCA for the retreats.

Krause said the idea behind the organization is to help Chattanoogans over 50 meet friends, have fun, learn and laugh.

“It’s a wonderful time for us now,” she said. “This generation is completely different than our parents’. We’re not over the hill; we’re climbing the hill … scaling the mountain and buying kayaks.”

The multifaceted organization offers a chance for boomers to meet up, enjoy programming and learn more about what boomers are doing in Chattanooga.

Krause, a filmmaker, also created “The Boomer Show,” which offers short vignettes on local boomers doing amazing things.

At first, Krause envisioned Boomers Together as a way to offer workshops to boomers as they struggle with growing older. But a meeting with Bill Rush, executive director of YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga, helped her shift focus. Rush had already been planning adult adventure camps and decided to partner with Boomers Together.

Krause said they’re already planning similar themed retreats and excursions for boomers. 

“God forbid anybody calls us a ‘senior,'” she said. 

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